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South Malling CE Primary


The Friends is a charity whose aim is to support South Malling School.

We are an open and friendly group of parents, teachers, extended family and members of the local community working towards a common goal - supporting the school community and helping our children make the most of their time at school.

When you support us, you're not just baking a cake, donating cash or giving up your time to volunteer; you're buying your child playground equipment to climb on at break time, sending them on outings to places they've never been, making new friends, building a community and helping to make South Malling School ever more brilliant.

Studies show there's a direct link between parental involvement at school and how well children do. When they see us involved in their school and learning, it encourages them to do their best. Being active in a parent group not only improves the school, it makes you an excellent role model.

The Friends help build a community - friendships and support network. How much or how little you choose to get involved is really up to you. Get in touch!

Contact us

Most of the friends will be at school at pick up or drop off. 

If you can’t find us or don’t know who we are email us at friends@southmalling.e-sussex.sch.uk or contact your class rep:

Lilac Lambs:  Lucy Harbour

Red Rabbits: Kristina Archer

Gold Gibbons:  Toby

Turquoise Toucans: Michael Bennett

Blue Badgers: Sigi Schuster

Orange Owls: Mandi Ramshaw

Emerald Eagles:  Martina Moss 

Emerald Elephants: Susie Moat

Purple Polar Bears:  Emma Miles



We are registered at the Charity Commission number 1061810