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South Malling CE Primary

Early Years

Play brings together the ideas, feelings, relationships and physical life of the child. It helps children to use what they know and to understand the world and the people they meet. Play co-ordinates a child’s learning and makes it whole.

At South Malling we believe that learning should be enjoyable and we understand the key role of well-planned play (both indoor and outdoor) when providing children with a supported yet challenging Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Throughout every child’s time at South Malling School we encourage a three-way partnership between children, parents and staff.

Our vision is that by the end of the EYFS all children will have discovered a love of learning and of school life. This will enable them to reach a good level of development and give them a firm foundation in all subject areas to begin their time in key stage one. The children will become active and curious learners, who consistently demonstrate high levels of well-being and involvement. They will discover their own voice, beginning to learn the skills of considerate and constructive communication to make and grow friendships, to explore new and creative ideas and to ask curious questions. They will begin to think beyond their own experience to witness the world around them. They will start to observe differences and changes in their immediate environment and the people they encounter and will begin to understand that they can have an impact on both. The children will discover their own strengths, physical and emotional, and learn that if they persist and work with all their hearts, ultimately they will succeed.  

For more information please read our Early Years policy.