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South Malling CE Primary

results & Performance

2019 Results 

In Early Years, Foundation Stage, 82% achieved the Good Level of Development.

In Year 1, 82%  passed the phonics screening test.

Our Key Stage One (Year 2) results were:

  Reading Writing Maths
Working at the Expected Standard or above 83% 74% 77%
Working at greater depth within the expected standard 38% 13% 28%


In 2019, our Key Stage Two (Year 6) results were:

  Reading Writing


Maths Reading, Writing & Maths combined
Working at the expected standard 84% 84% 91% 78% 72%
Working at greater depth within the expected standard  28% 13%   31%  13%  6%

*GPS is grammar, punctuation and spelling

Our average progress scores:

Reading: -0.4

Writing: -1.3

Maths: -2.5

Our average scaled scores (100 is the expected standard):

Reading: 105

Maths: 104

Grammar, punctuation and spelling: 106

Writing is not scored.

Each year the Department for Education publishes School's Performance Tables. You can search for any school and see a table of its performance, characteristics and spend per pupil data and, for academies, their latest set of financial accounts.